harry potter and the goblet of fire book review

Harry potter and the goblet of fire wasent my favorite book more action is in this book but as I said in my last review I personally love prisoner of azkaban. In this book harry gets chosen by the goblet of fire and so harry must do three missions in the Triwizard tornerment Ron and Hermione help harry as much as they can to get through the Triwizard tornerment. Dark magic is in the air when harry,Ron Hermione see the dark mark in the sky by a unknown caster they know something strange is going on.

Adventure is ahead!

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harry potter book review of prisoner of azkaban

Hi guys and here I am with another review of harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban 

It’s my favorite book out of all of them so amazing no one dies you only get to meet people! There’s so many things to descover dementors, a new professor and more! This is more adventure than story but it has a great ending it has twists as well. The moment I picked this book up I could not put it down it took me about two days to read it all and I was going though it quite fast. If your a harry potter fan you’ll love this book.
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More fimo

Hi guys I know that I haven’t been doing any fimo blogs so I thought why not?

So here is what I made:

The cake harry potter gets for his birthday

Luna lovegoods wand

A fire bolt

Tom riddles diary

And a chibi tonks

I hope you like them I also wanted to thank tam for all her help with everything!

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review on harry potter chamber of secrets

Hi I am back again with a review on chamber of secrets I have read all books I am just taking my time on reviewing them

It is a brilliant book there is a lot of story behind it I find that if you read the book you understand more that’s what I did and then I watched the film. Hermione, Ron and harry go on a epic adventure. Ron breaks his wand and then Ginny disappears and Harry’s in mortal danger. So there is a lot going on and they have a new defense against darks arts teacher professor Lockhart who loves him self but I would rate this 9/10 great book and film love it


harry potter philosopher stone review

Hi guys its me again with another harry Potter blog and I wanted to review the book philosopher stone

It is a very good story for you have 11 year old harry who has no idea he is a wizard and then this giant called hagrid crashes down the door and says ”Your a wizard harry.”

Then there’s a lot of story and twists and you learn magic and all so I thank J.K Rolling for making such a good books!

If you haven’t all ready then get up and get reading because your life will never be the same when you do or maybe it will because your a muggle I don’t know but harry potter is one of the greatest books I have ever read!

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harry potter 20 years of magic!

So I just finished all the harry potter books and I love them so I a big fan and sorry that I am a bit late on blogging and all its just all the animals we have take a lot of time up!

But in this blog we will be making a snich!

  • You will need:
  • A4 paper 
  • A paper plate
  • A pencil
  • Scissor
  • And a glue stick
  • And  coloring pencils

Next you want to cut out the wings for the snich out of the piece of paper its a bit tricky it took me about five times to get them right

Then draw a line at the bottom to give it more detail

Then cut lines to make them look like the snich wings I use a image to help but once you get the wings right it is quite easy

Then get your paper plate and cut out a circle

Then I drew details on it to make it look more like a snich

Then you can  colour it in with gold I gave the wings a tint of gold too

Now you should have something that looks like this

Now you want to glue the wings to the snich

Glue the squares to the back of the snich

 looks quite nice

Then if you want you can write 20th anniversary in the middle 

And your done please tell me if you had trouble and I will try and help you the best I can

This is the pic I use for a comparison. Have fun crafting

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