Sorry I haven’t been blogging in such a along time its just I haven’t had any thing to blog about and I have been really busy too! 

So please do not think I am egnoring you guys its just there is nothing to blog about.

Thank you for staying with me!


funny pictures to make that frown turn upside down!

So some times when people are mad all they need is a cute funny picture to cheer them up here are some that I found and some that I made. Just like my gif I think I  made loads of people smile and laugh so let me do that again and make more people smile!

I just couldn’t stop laughing!

This one is more cute

This on is kind of confusing

Grumpy cat all ways a laugh!

I can’t stop laughing!!


And that’s all I found for now but when I find more I upload them so keep tuned!

My new gif!!

Just made my own gif!!!! Check it out! And yes that great person there is me and I got my mum to take the photos I am using picpac its a great stop motion app I might be making more of these funny ninja/skeleton gifs if I can well hope you love it!!

Please share I spent alot of time doing this and I would like to share happiness with everyone else! THANK YOU!

my mums birthday!!

So its my mums birthday!! So I started planning.

So first I made my mum a card with a little joke:

The I went online to see last minute presents for mums but couldn’t find anything so I had to see what I have and then I came up with this:

And then I decorated the living room sorry I couldn’t get a photo the lighting was to bright!

And so I think my mum is enjoying her birthday because I am!!

See ya!

How to make a stack of marshmallows

Here is another tutorial of how to make a stack of marshmallows let’s get started

What you will need:

  • White fimo
  • Black fimo
  • Eyepin 
  • A creative mood

Get some white fimo and mold it into three little soft squares no sharp corners

Next get black fimo and roll it into a thin string but not to thin that it will crumble

Then put eyes on your marshmallows and your almost done!

Now place a eye pin in the top ones head and now your done!

If you enjoyed making this fimo charm then you should check out my s’more tutorial if you haven’t all ready well see you!

Doll go get there hair done!

Me and my mum just gave my dolls super Kawaii hair styles I think they look feaky fab! There monster high doll btw ^-^

My dolls:

  • Cleo
  • Abbey
  • 2x lagoon’s
  • Gigi
  • Medusa (from the make you own doll collection)
  • Jinafira ( I think thats how you spell it)
  • Viperine
  • Goliopy (again i think that’s how you spell it)

And that’s all the dolls that we gave super Kawaii hair styles I have loads more dolls but I just picked them! Bye